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Sri Gurubhyonamaha

Dr Goruganthu B Narayana was born on 15th August 1972 in a Brahmin family where all his fore fathers are famouns pandits and poets.His grand father Sri Goruganthu venkata sivudu garu is a famous pandit at  Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam and his grand father Sri Marepally Ramanadha  Sastrty Garu from his mother's side is a well famed pandit and writer who wrote " Sankshipta Ramayana Padhyakavyam""Sri Krishnatatvam", Etc.....

He started learning Music and Veena at a very early stage of 5. As his father died earlier at his childhood, he has to stay at his grand father's house and there he started learning "Agama Sastra" and become as a pandit at that Subject.

He started a Music college "Amruthavarshini" in the year 1991 and gave Hundreds of performances National and International wide and got appreciations and falicitations from many great people like sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy garu,Famous Veena pandit sri Chittibabu garu, Khadi gramodyogh chair person smt.Kumudben jyoshi garu, Sri Mandali Buddha prasad garu, Dr C Narayana Reddy garu,Taminadu Retired IAS Officer sri Raghu Rajan garu, MLC sri Gidugu Rudra Rajan garu, Ex.MLA Sri Routhu Surya Prakash Rao garu, Rajamahendravram Commissioner Sri Jittendra garu, Libraries Chairman Sri Narendra garu,etc,...

  • At Ravindra Bharati,Hyderabad he gave a performance on "Veena Janapada Sammelanam" which was his own creation before Sri Mandali Budda Prasad garu and Dr.C Narayana Reddy garu and they appreciated and falicited him.
  • This "Veenajanapada Sammelanam" also telecasted in Tv Channels like Bhakhi Tv and Sri Venkateswara Bakthi Channel.
  • One of his Famous and Golden Creation was "Nakshetra Veena Sammelanam" which was performed at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Hyderabad with 27 Veenas.

Dr.G B Narayana is not only a veena artist, he is a singer, dancer ( Bharatanatyam), Writer, Composer and Director. His wife Smt.Goruganthu Uma Jayasree is a famous Kutchipudi Dancer.

He wrote Several Dance Balleys like "Sangeeta Natyamrutha Sambhavam", "Sai Mahimamrutam", "Nakshetra veena Sammelanam", "Sanatana Sampradaya Vaibhavam", etc... which tell us about our Indian olden etics and culture and also made his students to perform those balleys National and International wide.

After his Grand Mother Smt.Radha Krishna Garu Passed away he changed his college name to "Sri Radha Krishna Sangeeta, Nrutya Kalakshetra" and become as a role model to todays youth. His Kalakshetra got International fame for following etical values and for performing their own dance balley which were written,composed directed and sung by him.

He has written, Composed, directed and sung songs on Dhavalagiri Sri Lakshmi Janardana Swamy and names as "Sri Lakshmi Janardana Swamy Suprabatam" and in the form of CD's He made them available to all the devotees.

  • He got Falicitated with "Sangeeta, Natya,Vaineeka Sudhakara" award as Ugadipuraskaram and "Swarna Kankanam" from Andhra University Registrar Sri  G.Uma Maheswara Rao garu.
  • On June 4th 2017 his students (63 members) gave a relentless dance performance on his dance balleys for 12 hr 23 Min 01 sec and gat stage at "GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD", "Telugu Book of World Recort", "Genius Book of world Record" and "Wonder Book of World Record". The dance choreography was done by his wife Smt. G Uma Jayasree Garu.
  • He got a prestigious ATA award for his work and interest towards the Indian arts and culture.
  • He received a Doctorate on 2017 from Ex CM and Tamilnadu Governor Sri Konijeti Rosaiah garu for his writings which tells us about our olden etical values and also about our Indian Cultural Heritage and Tradition.
  • His student participated in am international competition conducted by USSNA Organisation (UNESCO, France and Paris) where 23 states of various cultural and traditional performances of more than 3000 members participated and got 16 prizes for Juniors,Seniors and Youth Categories.
  • Where ever competitions are held his students shows a different style in their performances and grasps peoples attention.
  • Up to now his students gave more than 1000 performances National and International wide and got many prestigious awards like "Abhinayasree" at Kurnool, "Natya Visharada" from the golden hands of "Sri Sri Sri Swaroopanandendra Saraswati Swamy", "Kalaprabha" from Uttar Pradesh Government.
  • As a guru he created many visibel diamond from his Kalakshetra and made them to perform throughtout the world.His Main aims is to tell people about out indian Sanatana Siddhantas and also about our culture and tradition through his writings (dance balleys)